Know how I wrote that WordPress plugin to crosspost to Mastodon? Comes with a bunch of filters that let you completely modify what ends up being posted to Mastodon’s API. Well, I added another one that allows me to create proper Mastodon threads, _from my own site_.


As a result, I now have short statuses on my site first, and elsewhere (i.e., on Mastodon) later, that I can reply to without confusing my readers too much—on the site and in feeds, replies are clearly marked for what they are—and that will show up on Mastodon as they should—threaded, _without_ introductory “reply disclaimer.”


Try doing that with a static site generator and no external services!


Still struggling to come up with a way to parse (this is the easy part) static pages, and then contact both Mastodon's API and Webmention endpoints only for those pages that were newly created or updated. Oughta be a mechanism that crawls the results, checks if APIs should be pinged, and finally queues pings accordingly.

Looks a bit weird, possibly, in mf2-aware readers that already prepend replied-to URLs. I’ll see if I can move them outside `e-content`. This would then screw up Granary-generated HTML-based RSS, but I’ve already got RSS feeds for most everything. (This also explains why some folks’ RSS is almost unreadable!)


It’s not too bad in Monocle, actually. Indigenous, however, does sort of duplicate the “replied to,” or “in reply to,” bit.


One day, I'll fix and share the add-on plugin that "backports" replies and favorites, too.

Like Bridgy, yes, except it's all WordPress.

"Backfeeds" would be the word I was after!

I’ve also thought about displaying “replied-to” page titles rather than raw URLs, but yeah. Pros and cons to both approaches.


@jan While not the same use case, check out the code from Stephanie Leary as it might help you find a good starting point. I've used this plugin a few times to parse entire html static sites into WordPress posts and it works great.

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