I had to modify the WordPress plugin’s behavior a bit, by the way. Made it accept feeds sans `xmlUrl`, but only if they are of `type="microformats"`. If that sounds awfully specific, _it is_. Especially since they entire `$feeds` array is filterable already. (That would be the other change. Had to do so to allow for multiple OPML sources—I know.)

Should probably take the microformats bit out again, and leave it to a site-specific filter.

I should maybe, at one point, look into Yarns, too. Requires only WordPress—Aperture requires quite a few other “building bricks.” While WordPress is far from ideal, its HTTP API and WP-Cron are so easy to expand upon. wordpress.org/plugins/yarns-mi

And properly fork Aperture, so that I can have source names added automatically, and maybe store an RSS/XML feed even if I choose "microformats," for the sole purpose of adding it to the OPML (for the sole purpose of syncing it to my blogroll).

And do something about the fact that, when adding a new source, you can't just add a URL and hit "enter," but have to actually click the button.

(Fixed by wrapping the input field and submit button in `form` tags.)

(Well, not really. Guess we'd have to stop the button from submitting the form, too.)

Now let's (simply ignore details like coding style preferences, and) work on extra features: auto-filled source properties, and OPML import.

Being able to modify a source's URL would be cool, too, but I understand they're shared by multiple users. Like, each user has multiple channels, and sources and channels are linked many-to-many, and a source name is stored in the pivot table, because every user (i.e., channel) could name the same source something different. (And the same goes for site URLs, should I want to add those.)

Finding all of these "quirks." Could be me, though. Still, I kind of expect a form to get submitted when I hit Enter after making a change. (Again, would work if inputs were inside actual forms.)

Modals would show off-center on mobile, because they were inside a form, causing `width: 100%;` to not entirely work as it should. Almost there, I'd say.

Updated the code (but not the code in the article) to accept a user ID as a parameter. And, as a result, had to update the WP plugin I use to merge the list of feeds in this OPML with my main reader's list. (Also, the right links get deleted when no OPML is found, which is good.)

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