Dang, it's kinda fun playing around with GoDaddy's Go theme and CoBlocks plugin!

Also trying out on-the-fly theme switching in combination with my tiny domain mapping plugin. Now, as Go supports so many theme options, you could make quite a few different child themes with zero code. (And apply these to different pages. Like multisite, but different, because each page is still part of that single site, and you could easily combine them all back together, and all settings are right there in the same place.)

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The active theme is referenced all over, over the course of a single WordPress request, and also before `url_to_postid()` reliably works, so calling that function shouldn't be done until after a certain point in time. These guys got that figured out. plugins.trac.wordpress.org/bro

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Same thing, I imagine, with `get_queried_object_id()`. For now, I explicitly mapped certain URLs to a specific ("inactive") theme, in a "site option" rather than a per-post setting using custom fields. (Simple solutions rock.)

Played with this a little more, and while menus and widgets don't always appear as intended, it works great with Go and "completely empty" child themes (each with their own Customizer settings). Fully customizable, "single-site" (!) landing page goodness.

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That's different pages with different Customizer setting but the same base theme. What if I wanted the _same_ Customizer settings (think widgets, menus), but different (PHP, CSS, whatever) files? Well ... wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/ (Okay, so nobody would ever do that. They'd use custom CSS and Page Templates. But, still.)

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