Now here’s something I may actually implement really soon. (And after that, ActivityPub.) “Generate a JSON Feed with Laravel”


[Update] Did ActivityPub first. That is, an ActivityPub user can follow/unfollow, and that's about it. If you're following, (public) posts are POSTed to your inbox. Likes, replies, and what not are ignored.

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Forgot I had auto-crossposting for regular posts enabled, too. 😃

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I'm not sure I'll keep "native ActivityPub." I already tend to crosspost most of my rubbish to Mastodon anyway. That said, it's more of an alternative to RSS than anything.

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I should probably add support for deleting posts, too. I mean, RSS doesn't have such a thing, either (once cached by your feed reader, posts are going nowhere), but new posts don't end up in these readers, like, immediately. There's some sort of (tiny) window for edits.

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And, I guess, an outbox? Although I'm not entirely sure other servers would actually look at it.

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