Looking into Mastodon maintenance—like keeping the (federated) statuses database from exploding—and I think I’ve finally found something IndieWeb sites (and “broadcast-only” ActivityPub actors) do better. Well, sort of.


"There has been a lot of attention given to ActivityPub as of late, to the extent that any new network software in the F/OSS community absolutely must be done as ActivityPub if anyone is going to care about it at all. [...] For the most part it means that every piece of content everyone writes needs to be replicated to every point in the federation mesh to be useful."

My RSS and microformats aggregators also download a whole bunch of text—things I read—and my blog posts—things I write—never get deleted either, but these services grow at nowhere near the rate an extremely tiny Mastodon instance does. Should we ... not cache everything forever? (Try and create slightly less gigantic Docker images?) *exports toots and followers* *drops database* *starts over*

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