I’ve just started to slowly add some (Microformats) feeds to Aperture again, and it sure is interesting to see “notes” with (generic) titles, which technically makes them “articles,” and “nameless” authors breaking Indigenous’ “author feeds.”


This—messy microformatted content—is one thing. Completely unreadable “IndieWeb” RSS items is another. Like, if your post is also a reply, maybe add that bit of information to your feed as well? If it’s an image post, maybe—even if just for RSS—add said image to the post’s body, so that your feed reader followers can follow, too?

Not all of my replies necessarily mention “in reply to ...”—not unless you’d look at the source—but they all should at least link to the original post, on the site and in feeds. (If not, let me know!)

Found another. Uses `h-entry` but `p-title` rather than `p-name`, leaving articles parsed as (empty) notes, with no useful data other than a post URL (as they also contain no `p-summary` or `e-content`). *hits "unsubscribe"*

Next one's all valid h-entries and all, but lacking a `h-feed`, which Aperture doesn't seem to like too much.

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