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I’ve been using Mastodon for quite a while now—since , give or take—but have never posted a proper .

So, I’m a thirtysomething mechanical engineer and lousy guitarist. I work in the semiconductor industry, spend most of my spare time developing for the web, and own quite a few affordable (!) electric guitars, a handful of Raspberry Pis, and a couple hacked together MAME—I know—cabinets. Also, happily married, father of two, wannabe investor.

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What I’m saying is, interests include , the , , , , and personal finance.

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Anyway, it’s been nearly two years since my last real project guitar … which means I’m about to pick up something new. I _was_ going to order a brand-new but dirt-cheap “butterscotch blonde” Tele _or_ LPJ double cut copy—or both—from one of the huge German online stores … and then this ’70s nameless Japanese SG copy popped up.

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Remember the Tele? Just got it out of its case to try and fix a pretty nasty neck bow.

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I’ve made that exact remark, too. It’s a tech bubble thing, I think, like static site generators and “modern JavaScript build pipelines.”

If anything did greatly reduce blogging’s popularity among the general populace, it would be Facebook and Twitter.


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Programming is boring. Lying awake in bed, dreading the existential issues that you have no control over, is the new thing.

I was just reminded of this WooCommerce add-on I once made, that'd collect sales stats once a day and send out the results in an Excel sheet. Turns out it's still up and running. I can use this when I finally get around to making my own invoicing app.

Haha! One of my many projects-that-never-saw-the-light-of-day was called Stocklistr. (I only remember because there’s this entry in my password manager, still.)



I, too, very much prefer blogs over newsletters! But, I mean, _did_ they? Was it newsletters?

> Newsletters killed blogs[.]


> Alternatively, websites today […] can’t notify people of new work[.]

Sounds a wee bit like, “These days, _everyone_ is using static site generators.” (Pardon my French, but _no one who isn’t also a dev_ uses an SSG.)


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This is a big deal. It was one thing to compete with other hosts while monopolizing the brand name. Now it looks like they're about to compete with the agencies and devs that have made WordPress what it is over the years.

And update mine instead. (Wait, I haven't gotten a new computer in over 6 years.)

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Maybe I shouldn't read millionaires' "uses" pages (or blog posts on the subject).

Added “unread counts” to my RSS reader’s Microsub implementation. Fun fact: the reader itself—the new one—doesn’t display them. But Microsub clients will.

Some (not very) creative use of Laravel’s `hasManyThrough`, `withCount`, and `$casts` array is all it took!


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Diving into cognitive biases:
1 #Survivorshipbias

xkcd image explained:

Video explanation:

Practical advice:
1) Remember that often, we don't see the whole picture, and thus, conclusions might be biased.

2) Learning from 'successful' people might not be the best idea. Learn from everyone :)

Survivorship bias explained:




In fact, what I need from an invoicing app is so simple (manage customers, create/edit invoices, send email) that I’m going to attempt to tackle this myself. Like, I don’t charge VAT—I’m that small a business. I don’t really do anything recurring, either. And mostly hard-coded templates would work just fine. Heck, I used to use Google Sheets before, and send everything out myself!


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I knew the WordPress hook that handles hashtags would screw this up, but went through with it anyway. *adds to to-do list*

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So, Invoice Ninja v4 doesn’t work with PHP 7.4 and up, and while that may not be too difficult to work around, there _is_ a v5. Which likely won’t work with my main hosting plan. On top of that, I’m trying to get rid of my VPS and the jungle of Docker containers.



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Si je prends les chiffres du Canada :

Première vaccination : 2020-12-12
Nombre de doses administrées au 2020-12-30 : 85279 (= 4738/jour)
Nombre de doses à administrer : 38000000 (population) * 2 (doses) * 70% (horde) = 53,2 M d’injections

À ce rythme là, il faudra 11228 jours (soit ~ 30 ans)

Allez, bonne année hein :)


Tailwind is, like, the complete opposite of the CSS Zen Garden of yore. The latter was about fully redesigning a site without ever having to touch its HTML—only thing that changed was _a single stylesheet_. The former lets you redesign a site by altering all of its markup (while leaving the stylesheet untouched).


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